OUR BRANDS – Fountain Labs LLC


The Fountain Labs family of products are successful around the world because consumers trust us. To further strengthen this trust we are making substantial investments in dermatological research and innovative technologies, global and local trend analyses, and a consistent global brand identity. We conduct extensive consumer surveys to supply our Skin Research Centers with the most up to date information, so that they can stay as close as possible to our consumers. One of the factors driving our global success is our innovation ability. Product research and development activities have always played a key role within the Fountain Labs organization. Many of our Research & Development project results, have helped us to establish global standards. Below you will find our two featured brands, with many more in the works for this next year, 2018 promises to be a great year for the Fountain Labs family.


 Our Clinicare RX line of Facial Serums are formulated to give you the same quality product as those you’d find at your Dermatologist; but with as many natural ingredients as possible. Our serums contain combinations of proteins and acids that help lock in moisture, protect against environmental damage, and to minimize the natural signs of aging. These nutrient-packed formulas increase your skin’s elasticity, giving you a more youthful appearance. Apply topically to help reverse damage and to leave you with a radiant glow.

Nutri pecia

This specially formulated shampoo utilizes a herbal formula including B vitamins, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, and tea tree oil. Rich in shea butter and hibiscus for maximum color retaining and anti-aging results. Use for denser, stronger, thicker looking hair. Protects the scalp, Promotes healthy hair growth, and Preserves the hair you have.